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Jan 31, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 11:38 PM


Xtra Ad - Thank you Cassy for helping me designing this blog!! As I've mention before, I needed professional help and I think I've found the best and right one.Thanks alot!!!


the KinG proclaimed at 10:29 PM

Histories? Memories?

I know! Who loves history other than those who wears inch-thick glasses? Just joking:).Personally, I just don't like history.Let's just put it this way -- I HATE history! I mean like, it's His-Story, why should I bother? I still won't like it even if they made it simple(inset).I bet many of you agree with me but why? Why do we hate history so much? Is it because it's difficult to understand, complicated and sometimes ridiculous? It doesn't relate to us and yet we have to study it.

But have you ever thought...What if it relates to us? and what if it's called "Memories"? I hate to admit it but both of it seem to be the same thing.Maybe it is.Maybe it's not.It might just be our choice of words? Here's what I think of it -- History sounds old, ancient and outdated.Where as memories sound better, sweeter, up to date and no doubt related to us! but the fact is that memories are made with histories.Don't ask me a question like -- Which one comes first? Chicken or egg(Which one comes first? Histories or Memories?).There's just no answer to that question!

I know this whole post sounds complicated and dumb.It just came to me all of a sudden and I just wanted to post something.haha.I do want to know everyone's opinion on it.Do comment on it.

Jan 30, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 4:28 PM


Xtra Ad - Cambodia anyone? March 13-21.Phnom Penh - Siam Reap. We'll be working with teams from Cambodia , Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia.Spreading the word
of God and helping the poor will be part of our mission.Those who are interested from
Malaysian Churches of Christ, please do contact me within this week.


Jan 29, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 11:39 PM

All's well , Ends well

God had never promised us an easy life.Life is sweet, beautiful, fun and entertaining!That's what some of you think.As for others, life's tough, full of challenges, complicated, dumb and confusing!
As for me it's a mixture of both depending on the situation, my emotion, the surroundings and my mood.Eighteen years of life - I've been through many kinds of situation that most eighteen year old might not even imagined before or maybe a thirty year old had not been through before.

That was my "introduction".haha.By the way, check out my article on "Suffering for Christ" in the 21st January 07' PJCOC's bulletin or contact me=)."Suffering for Christ" is one of my personal favourite not because I wrote it but it helps strengthen faith!Trust me.

Stephanie wrote about friends, our gang/group of friends the other day in her blog.It's a wonderful idea! I'll consider writing that one day.As for today, i'll just focus on her but before that, Thank You Stephy for everything you wrote about me!!! Appreciate it alot=).
As she said in her blog, it's complicated.Our relationship that is.Due to privacy concerns, i won't spill everything out.Too bad! I've known her for four long years not including this year.Somehow thanks to our wonderful form teacher who seated us together.Side by side.Third row from the front, on the right, the first two seats(Yes, I do remember) and it was 'Puisi Buat Mama' that made you my "mother".I know it sounds dumb to some of you but the fact is, it's not! It's the start of our wonderful friendship or relationship I should call it since she's my mummy.That mother and son kind of relationship lasted for more than a year.

After that, we were friends.Real friends.Close friends.Really close friends! She'd tell me everythin that revolves around her life EXCEPT one.She missed out ONE! That didn't bother me much though except the "subject".=P
We just got closer and closer every second.Inseparable MIGHT be the right word though we were in different classes.It makes no difference because between every period, while waiting for the next teacher, I'll go next door to see her.To chat with her.the only thing between us was the window.Somehow we prefer to chat that way even when there's no teacher in her class.Yea, it sounds romantic right? sounds like something that only couples will do? We did it and we enjoyed it.Erm...I mean I enjoyed it=).Those were the days.
Sometime later, we started calling each other names.What names you asked? I'm not gonna write it here! Basically it's cute and couple kind of names.Just to make things clear - we weren't a couple and we were both sixteen then.

At the end of the year(2005), I became an intern in Payap Christian Zone(Chiangmai, Thailand) for a month.Who did I missed the most? Yup, you've guessed it.Since MSN Messenger and e-mail is our only communication source, everytime I came online and didn't see her, I'll message one of my friend online to inform her that I'm online.Then she'll come chat with me.
After a month of internship in Chiangmai, I came back home and SUPRISE!!! My sister planned a suprise birthday party for me and she came, seeing me in my "funky" shorts and T.Don't bother about that.It was just delightful to see her at the party.With her new hairstyle and somehow it seemed like a new her, we brought our relationship to a new height.Yes, I do felt that way.
Things started to get complicated.To others not to us.We were in our own world of friendship/relationship.Complication leads to confusion.We were SO close that others thought we were couple.We were fooling people that we were couple just for the fun of it especially when she got flowers for Valentine's which wasn't from me but we said it is.hahaha.That was fun!

Well, good things doesn't last forever as some said.I guess it is true.My worst nightmare.Things went downhill from there.From the Highest Heaven to the Lowest Hell! We were completely not close at all.When things got better a little, something bad will take its place.Its just ups and downs.More downs, less ups! I was so sad, downcast, broken, etc.Nothing could heal me.I seriously mean NOTHING! I tried praying to God, be patient as some said.It doesn't work.Sometimes it seems like I think too much and I gotta think it through properly and act wisely.It isn't! It's just reality.Reality is harsh!

Bla Bla Bla...-Long story made short due to the fact that it's already 1++ am, yup I wrote it from 11+pm ...

Finally, she wanted to put everything back together again and so do I.I believe it'll work out well, maybe even better than last time if we try.

May God lead us from here and keep us together always!.So, there you go -- All's Well, Ends Well!!

the KinG proclaimed at 11:26 PM


Xtra Ad - Still not done designing this blog.Kinda tired with it already.LoL.Can anyone please help
me with the BlogSkins thingy? as well as the Chatbox thingy? I can't get it done
somehow.I tried.I do need professional help!


Jan 28, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 10:14 PM

After creating this blog for almost two weeks , I finally decided to post this first blog!The opening blog!
The two weeks delay is caused by my fickle mind , choosing skins for my blog.Designing it so that it look good for the grand opening.Well , it failed anyway.Something was wrong with ALL of the codings or maybe me.I did seek for professional help , not that pro actually but they did me a BIG favour!

So , THANKS ALOT --Cheryl , Cassy , Yan Ming & Ian !!

I do have a blog more than a year ago.I didn't worked out.I was lazy to update.Hope that it'll work out now.Support My Blog!:)

The Blogger
a very typical saggitarius if what they say is true . my imagination is very good to me . professional daydreamer . appreciates life

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