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Feb 27, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 1:29 PM


Xtra Ad - Well, I came back from hometown last thursday.As for my Chinese New Year update.Hmm.I decided to post it at the end of Chinese New Year which is next Sunday.All together.I do have some videos and all, so, stay tuned.hahahaha.
As for my blog, I'm going to post "Songs to die for" just for the fun of it.

Song to Die For : If everyone cared - Nickelback

Feb 25, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 4:57 PM


I just came back from dinner with Tinesh.We decided to have dinner together at the 'mamak' in front of my house since we couldn't do so yesterday night.Tinesh is a really really really nice guy.A guy that prefer to accept who he is and not try to change to be someone he's not.I guessed he kind of sensed that I'm not in a good mood or my normal self after the conversation we had yesterday through the phone.So we went out for dinner and had a chatting session.I have to say "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!".That's the kind of person everyone should be or at least that's the kind of friend I'll love to have.

Some time back I mentioned that I'll write about friends.So here it goes.For me personally friends is the most important in life after family/relatives/extended family.18 years of my God-given life, I've made and lost many friends.Here's how I think I can put it : the first 4 years of my life was spent with my family members and cheek pinching relatives as well as people I met at the park which I do not know their name.

The following 2 years was spent in kindergarden.There's where I had a real friendship I should say though I can't remember their name too.So, if you're from Tadika Tinkerbell in USJ2 from year 1994-1995 and you know me by the name Reagan Ting Chern-Wemn, do contact me! As far as know I used to have two close friends.An Indian and a Chinese boy.Yea, I'm not into girls then.

I went to SK Seafield after kindergarden as a primary school student for two years which is, for your information standard one and standard two from the year 1996-1997.I have a group of close friends during my two years there.I do have a memory problem but what I'm going to do here is mention some of the names.Forgive me if I spell some of the names wrongly.Well, our group was all-boys somehow.haha.I remember we have Akhil( I met him a few times after I left that school.He's a really tall guy.Looks cool kind of person.I don't think he'll remember me), Syukri( He went to SK Seafield 3 with me as well in 1998.Never seen him since I left SK Seafield 3 for secondary school), Fabian( We always talk about Dragonball together.He lent me 20 cent once to make a phone call.I still owe him 20 cents.haha.He was a chubby kid then, I wonder how he looks like now.Has a twin sister name Samantha who used to be my friend too) and there's a boy who seemed to be like our leader.I seriously can't remember his name exactly but it starts with an 'A' and it has a 'Z' in it.I'm not sure if it's Azrin.If it is Azrin, I think I met him 4 years back in SMK USJ4.That friend of mine is short and Azrin in USJ4 is kind of too but i think he might have been taller since I last saw him.Those who remembered me can contact me as well.I can't remember my class but it's beside the bookshop.Yea, both years.
I remembered that I always have to move to the "bakawali' class when our teacher is absent.There's where I met Wong Wei Jiat( who is known as Jack now and is in Ireland) and if I'm not mistaken there's a naugthy Indian boy who's name is Ieshwar, who somehow became my classmate two years back( I'm not sure if it's him).I went to SK Seafield3 in the year 1998.Anyway, Wong Wei Jiat( we all call him Wong and all my friends call me Ting -- If I'm lucky the girls call me Tingy!haha).By the way,my mum's close friends with Wong's mum and since Wong stays behind my house we spend most of our free time together.We were best friends.Somehow things changed, I think in the year 2000 and I became close with Tham Jun Xian( shows *thumb*), Jonathan Lim Chee Weng( we used to call him 'chicken wing') and Dickson Lim( 'Dicky' as tham called him).Tham,Jonathan,Justin( Chan) and I won "group" singin competition that year.I spent alot of my time after UPSR at Tham's house playing 'Playstation'.We were kind of best friend that time.

In the year 2002, I went to SMK USJ8( the secondary school next to SK Seafield3).Tham and I were still close friends until( I think) we fell in love with the same girl.I'm not going to continue with that.When I was in Form 1( 2002), I was really close to Khairul, Ken Nie and Tinesh.Besides that we were close to the 1C gang.We're all recess buddies and football buddies.
Moving on to Form2( 2003).I can that it was one of the best time I've ever had.My classmates were awesome( some of them.Just for sometime).It was the year I met Ian Wong - the tech freak.haha.Then there is Bryan Ng - My 'taiko'.lol.Crystal Ong - Haven't seen her for a long long time.Nadery - He's a funny person.He left school that year itself.Stephanie and Sarah.
In the year 2004.My friends were Melvin, Kai Zhou, Alvin, Eng Yung and Wei Hua.When I said my friends, it doesn't mean that they were my only friends.Well, they have been labeled the naughty/bad kids of the school.I've been labeled too once in a while by Pn.Lim just for being friends with them.I have no regrets for that.Though they may be some brat or something like that, they are people who stay true to friendship.When you're in trouble, they'll be there and not let you get in trouble alone.They are the people that "Kong Ye Hei".I mean it! I'm not trying to talk like a gang person or whatever.Though I'm in 3C that year, I'm always in 3B for some reason.haha.I became a prefect at the end of the year.I met more friends being a prefect.People like Barry and Kenneth who were two years younger than myself was awesome.
Form 4(2005) was actually weird.I wasn't close to my classmates as in close close.There's Saaravana sitting beside me.He's always out of the class doing something.As for my friends in the other class, 4B, we weren't that close as well somehow.I guess I was busy being a prefect.Spent most of my time with Ian.We misused the power/authority entrusted upon us sometimes.At the end of the year, I went to Chiangmai, Thailand.That was awesome! (Sut yaw!)I met many people there.I could not ask for not than that.The people I met there, the friendship I had.Everything was great!
2006.The first two months of the year 2006 was the best so far in my life.As for now, those were just memories for me.Nothing more than memories.The rest is history.I kind of lost a friend.An important person in my life.I still feel lost in this "friendship".Infact I feel lost in my group of friends.As much as I love my friends.As much as I want the group to stay together.I feel I don't belong there.They have helped me countless times but nevertheless my back had been stabbed many times too.Swords pierced through my heart yet I forgive and forget, keeping everything to myself at times.I really don't know how long I can hold.If things don't change, I'm afraid I'm going to break down.At least I'm happy that few of my friends stay true to who they are, doing the right thing and not trying to change into someone they're not.Tinesh and Ian.It doesn't matter if others said they are irritating or whatever, they are who they are, they are the way God created them.I like them for who they are.Sarah and Joelyn are great people but I'm afraid I don't really know/understand them.
I want to thank Tinesh here for the talk we had yesterday and for being himself always.

As for what others think about me? I don't know. As for what I'm going to do about things? I don't know?
I'm going wherever God leads me! Whatever God requires of me, I'll be!

Feb 15, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 10:56 PM


Xtra Ad - I wanted to update but I don't think I have time now.I have to go back to hometown early morning tommorrow for a funeral.Yea, a funeral before Chinese New Year.I'll be back in a week(23rd February 07').Hopefully I'll get to update from there.I'll sort everything(my profile,post,etc.) out when I get back.Happy Chinese New Year everyone! As for 23rd February 07', do attend the "short-term mission" seminar in Petaling Jaya Church of Christ by the Sinclair's.Friday - 8:00pm.Compulsory for the PJ Team going to Cambodia! See you guyz soon.


Feb 14, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 10:22 PM


Xtra Ad - Happy Valentine's Day to everyone I know and to everyone who reads from my blog! Single or taken? It doesn't matter.


the KinG proclaimed at 9:29 PM

Valentine's Day

Today is year 2007's Valentine.Is there any difference compared to the year before? Well, I don't know about anyone else but to me there is...no doubt about that.Usually people spend Valentines with the woman of their life.I did it this year.Cleaning the house with my MUM=).So I actually did spend the whole day at home.Yea, just so you know -- I'm single and available (that's how they say it right?haha).
As for what I did last year...hmm.I was in school( I think.That's what Steph said).We sold some stuffs to raise funds for the Prefect fund.It was fun.We didn't do it for the prefects or anything.It's kind of an order from our teacher.We can't "disobey" them.I had fun spending Valentine's with my bunch of friends.Women and Men of my life.LoL.

So, what does Valentine's Day means? or what is it for? I kind of agree with Kenny Sia ( a VERY VERY VERY famous Malaysian blogger - who has met Hannah Tan before by the way ). Kenny : Why is so much pressure and expectations put onto us guys to perform on Valentine's Day? I reckon February the 14th is one big freaking conspiracy theory set up by little girls to force their boyfriend into being extra sweet and nice to them, just so them girls can make their friends jealous.
For years we're being fool in to wasting money and taking time off work to plan the ultimate Valentine's date and make our girl happy.In the end what do we get? Nothing.......

~Go and read Kenny's blog!

So...I said I kind of agree with Kenny.Not completely.Don't hate me for that!=)

the KinG proclaimed at 9:24 PM


Xtra Ad - I want to have a theme/regular thingy for my blog.Which makes people want to know more about.Which makes people come back for more.If anyone has any idea please do leave a comment/suggestion.


Feb 12, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 9:32 PM

Over - HANNAHed?

Yea. Seems like I'm over-obsessed with Hannah Tan recently? I am! I really am! I don't think anyone cares about this blog since it's written by some Hannah-Fanatic? It's doesn't bother me much that there are some who are not a fan of Hannah but this 'seem-so-deserted' blog does bother me! That's why recent post seemed crappy.LoL.

Anyway, GUESS WHAT ?!



It might not be that shocking or anything to my faithful readers but........but..........but.............

I DID IT!!! ~~~



Not enough?

Yup! I got her album -- Crossing Bridges.It seems like a BIG album huh? Yea, I think so too...There's just a CD inside ( the lady from the shop told me).I guess it's so BIG because they give 5 FREE limited postcards! ( I have yet to open it ). My friend Saaravana was asking me why is the CD cover so BIG? I told him that they gave the bikini that Hannah wore for the photoshoot ( folded inside) hahahaha.

Want a little preview on the song? or any info on Hannah? Check this out!

I'm going to enter the contest by completing some form and answering some questions about her.I might stand a chance to win! What will I get?? Ahh..Nothing much...Just a 5D4N trip to Japan with Hannah, all expense paid travel package PLUS! RM5000 cash prize!!! Hopefully I'll win *fingers crossed*. You might even be in her music video,all expense paid travel package PLUS! RM10 000 cash prize!!! Every 100th participant will win a limited autographed poster of Hannah! That will do for me too=)

I guess I just can't get enough of Hannah.Well you got to understand that I'm going "Hannah Hannah Hannah" because there's no such contest for us to win a trip with Jessica Alba.haha.So...look east! Go Asia! Go Hannah! =)

Let's cross bridges with Hannah!

Feb 10, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 10:23 PM


Xtra Ad - I'll update my profile soon.SOON. Isn't Hannah Tan gorgeous? Hannah Hannah Hannah...Man, she's the BEST!!! haha.


the KinG proclaimed at 12:32 AM

Hannah Tan & Doggies : My Dream!

YES! The title is Hannah Tan. No! You stinking perverts! I'm not going to post some bikini/sexy pics of her...or am I?haha

Well, every guy has their own dream girl or whatever they call it.I'm still choosing between Hannah Tan and Jessica Alba though...Hannah is in the higher rank now=p.

Hannah and Honda S2000.WoWZeRs...haha

So...this past Thursday night, I watched 'What Women Wants' not that they showed exactly what women wants.I watched for the fact that Hannah's the host of that show.
I was thinking of Hannah the whole night hoping that I could dream of her.Yea, which guy wouldn't! haha.

Guess what??? I couldn't...=(

Instead I dreamt of Buddy and Lassie ( Stephanie's "babies" ).My dream went something like :

Steph pass me her doggies for the day.The surroundings looked like my ex-school/secondary school somehow.It doesn't matter anyway.The only thing is, I seemed to be running away from something.At the same time, hiding the Buddy and Lassie in a bag.
We played together, I fed them and RAN! Ran and ran and ran from "something"?
Finally we stopped somewhere.I took them out from the bag and I realised Buddy wasn't breathing.Buddy's a big Golden Retriever.I started panicking and tried to help but couldn't do anything ( Sorry Stephy! ).Then I ran and ran and ran again...this time to the vet.I went in and shouted Emergency and all but everyone was like so calm.Anyway, I got to leave buddy there for some time.Lassie and I went out SAD! We walked around blindly.
Since it was a fast forward dream ( as usual ), we saw Buddy came out after 'awhile'.He's okay! He's alive! He's Fine!
I'm just glad that everything went well and that we have each other!

***End of our journey and my dream***

I was still thinking about Hannah but I wasn't sad that Buddy and Lassie were in my dream.

Why did I write all this? Well, it's just that I really LOVE dogs but my parents doesn't! I could have fill the house with dogs if it wasn't for them.

So there goes -- Hannah & Doggies : My dream!

the KinG proclaimed at 12:14 AM


Xtra Ad - I'm BALD and I'm going to Cambodia!haha.


Feb 9, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 9:26 PM

4 Days...

Yup! I've skipped 3 days. 3 days without any post at all.Sorry to my beloved fans!!! Hahaha. Cheryl, you're my fan right?

Well, let's just feedback.Tuesday : I went to Aaron's house which is in Klang for your information and for those who need further information, Klang is...FAR! from my house that is.Aaron's house is like a hotel.I'm not saying that his house looks like a hotel.What I'm trying to say is that his house is LIKE a hotel for the fact that we go there whenever we like.Just for fun.Usually his dad will pick us up after work which is 3+ (His dad can go and leave the office at anytime he desire, using the excuse "meeting customer".haha).As for this past Tuesday, Saaravana and I went on a journey.Journey to Aaron's house.We met up after lunch and I went for a quick haircut.Then we took a bus wanting to meet up with Tinesh (who's supposed to meet up with us later at night after his "work") to pick up a football so that we can play near aaron's house as our feet were "itchy".He was supposed to wait where the bus usually stops and pass the ball to us.So we called him few minutes before we reached just to make sure we're getting the ball.haha.The conversation went like :

Saara (on the phone) : Eh Tinesh, we gonna reach d.Fasta come out to...erm...

Me (whispering beside him) : *Opposite 7-11*

Saara : Ah...Opposite the...7-11.

Tinesh : Opposite the CC (internet cafe) there ah?

Saara : =S

Me : *Yea, where the bus usually stops.Ask him fasta cuz we not stoppin for long*

Saara : Ah, Yes Yes! There! Fasta ah.Oi...Fasta k?

Me : We gonna reach d!

Saara : Fasta, we gonna reach d!

Tinesh: Oo, Kk.

***Pause for a few second***

Tinesh : Eh Eh...Kenot la.I takin care of a kid.My mom left her here.No one home.I kenot go out.

Saara and I : *Swt*

***End of conversation***

Yea.We were disappointed because we can't get the football especially Saaravana.I don't know why? Somehow he was desperate fo balls that particular day.haha.So, we head straight to the KTM (Something Something Something) station in the same bus.Saara and I did lots of chatting.Bus is one of the best place to chat, as in naturally chat.Believe it or not...Once we (Aaron, Saara, Tinesh and I) paid RM1 for a bus ride and chatted through the whole ride.hahaha.Okie, back to the story.We got ourselves a ticket each to Klang station.As we waited (KTM is always delayed/late.It has no schedule or something!), we chatted again.It's always a time of bonding with your friends.Yea.By the way we chatted about robbers, guns, places to hide after a robbery and stuffs like that.haha.So, the train finally came after...erm...some delaying.We were chatting again, this time about our houses until we almost missed our station.Finally, we were at the Klang station.Now the problem was to get a bus to Bandar Botanic ( the exact area where Aaron's house is located).We were like tourist lost in our own country, Klang to be exact! Lucky for us, Saara was an Indian - this is NOT a racist comment or anything.It's just that Klang is divided into two...parts? or territory? Chinese and Indian.We were in the Indian territory then.So, Saara asked for directions to the bus station.If I asked...I will get no answer.haha.Basically(to make things fast), we walk walk walk to the bus station and wait wait wait then got on the terrible, horrible and vegetable bus(Transnasional).Then walk walk walk around Bandar Botanic to get to Aaron's house.Under the hot sun.Yea...call me sissy! I just don't want to get any darker.
We got there and chill a little while then went to play 'small' ball.Yup, the febreeze ball signed by RONALDINHO! LoL.Came back and got a call from Tinesh saying he can't come.Disappointment number 2! We were suppose to go CC together.I'm not a fan of CC myself but just tag along with my friends.Anyway, we went ahead with our plans without Tinesh.By the way, CC was at Bukit Tinggi ( 10 minutes drive from Bandar Botanic but 40 minutes walk - which we did ). It was scary! Sometimes there's no lights.Aaron was praying the whole way.Saaravana was pathfinder and I was Light provider(My cellphone).We came back around 2+ am and sneaked into the house.
Actually I kind of regreted going there because all of our plans failed.My driving instructor called me that night asking whether I want to drive the next morning but I can't since I was at Klang.ARGHH!!! Looking at the positive side...it was bonding time with two of my friends? * I prefer going for driving class*hahahaha.NoNo..it's just that, the "bonding" thing...We do it very often! and so we woke up late the next morning, watched tv, lunch, chat and waited for Saara's brother to pick us up which was in the evening.

Thursday : Did some housework since I don't have maid anymore.Watched tv.Amazing Race Asia Memories!

Friday : Almost the same as Thursday.Blogging?

Feb 6, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 12:18 AM


Xtra Ad - I wanna shave bald! My dad says I'll look like a crazy freak.haha.I wanna do it anyway.Not the shiny bald kind.The 0.3cm hair bald type.


Feb 4, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 10:12 PM


Have you ever felt that you never belong in wherever you are today? An extra piece of puzzle that's in the box for nothing at all? A piece of fish in a chicken curry?

That's not true! I've never got an extra piece of puzzle in the box.I got less a piece. I've never seen a fish in chicken curry.My point is, God has a plan for each and everyone of us.We're here for a reason.Whatever the reason, we might not know but we might have achieved it in one way or another through our daily life.We might be someone's missing piece of puzzle.

Personally though, I do feel like I don't belong.I MAY have played my part in someone's life but does it matter? Does anyone care? I do feel good helping people.I do feel good being a missing piece of puzzle.I do feel good helping to solve problem.It has always been my pleasure to do so but all good things ALWAYS come to an end.Along the way I lost something I cherish most.It is now a broken glass.It can never be fix! That's what you said.Something pierce through my heart once you said it.P'Paeng, you've said it too.A broken glass can never be fix at any cost.I insisted on using glue."It'll never be the same", you said.I finally understood, I do! As stubborn as a bull I am, I really did understood what you thought of a broken glass. What I thought of it? BROKEN describes my heart.I did I did...I've tried and tried again.Just like a broken glass, it can never be fix again. I went up and down, looked left and right for that special something to fix my broken heart.It didn't worked and never will...ever again! "What broke my heart?" you've asked.It's complicated.Nobody knows how I feel deep down in my heart.Nobody! Nobody but You.Nobody but You Lord! I know, yes, I know...some things are meant to be left behind.Far behind.Never to be remembered again! Always look forward for a brighter future.Take one step at a time.Take a step forward and leave it behind. How could I Lord? She's the one I cherish most! She's my missing piece of puzzle! I kept her close to me always by keeping her in my heart.I'll always try my best to be there for her when she needed me but I guess she doesn't need me anymore.I'm exaggerating? Just how much the difference is? I really don't know...

From top of the list to the bottom.From 'bestest' to just plain normal.From flames to dust.From a player of Manchester United FC to a player of Jagabo FC("What team is that?" you've asked? That's my point!). Maybe I don't even exist as who I used to be anymore.

This seemed to be some kind of bad memories to some of you but it'll always be part of me.It has been something that I'll have to live with, something that'll I'll have to grow with.It makes me the person that I am today and the person that I will be in the future.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Merciful Father...I do want to be more like my Saviour Jesus Christ! Always looking at things in a positive way.Casting all his troubles away.Not worrying about tomorrow just like the birds of the air and the grass of the field.Here I am Lord, pouring out my heart to You but Lord, I can't deny the fact that I can't leave all this behind.Thank You Lord for being there for me, comforting me when I need You most.Keep everyone safe and healthy, happy and grateful always Lord! Amen."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Feb 3, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 11:00 PM


Xtra Ad - Happy Birthday CHERYL!!! Yes Yes, I do remember the BIG green pail and Bens and Jerry's.Only and ONLY if you come up here to Malaysia! Don't forget to bring my prezzie.haha.You're my 2nd greatest friend!( Thx Cheryl for suggesting me to write this!LoL)haha.


the KinG proclaimed at 10:32 PM

Amazing Race Asia

A race around Asia.Powering through 15 cities in 24 days and travelling for over 36 000 kilometres, female duo Zabrina Fernandez and Tee Joe Jer made headlines and created history!

Zabrina, 26 and Joe Jer, 29

Not only were they the winners of the very first season of The Amazing Race Asia, they were also the first ever all-female team to win the grand prize in the history of The Amazing Race franchise! That's AWESOME!! Not only winning US$ 100 000 (RM 365 000), They made Malaysia proud! So did Andrew and Syeon.
The couple from Malaysia were one of the top 3 teams but finished third behind Sandy and Francesca from Hong Kong.They were favourites to win this race but they made a wrong choice by using "lonely planet" map and got lost in Kuching, Malaysia for the final leg.Malaysia should be proud to have them representing us as they had the "never give up" attitude.Syeon, originally from South Korea bare the pain through the whole show as she hurt her ankle in India and she told Andrew not to give up even when they were far behind for the final leg.
There were 2 teams representing Malaysia and both were in the final leg, top 3.

Runners-up were Sandy and Francesca representing Hong Kong.
As they were almost eliminated in the first leg if not for the pre-determine non-elimination round, they were more determined to win the race.They were very good in physical task as Sandy is well built as a personal trainer and francesca is...erm... easily pissed off?haha.Anyway, they were very strong competitors.

The other teams are :

Ernie and Jeena
[ Adventurous couple from Philippines ]

Aubrey and Jacqueline
[Model/Actress from Philippines, favourites among guys.lol ]

Sahil and Prashant
[ Models from India, always checking out their hair thinking they look great ]

Melody and Sharon
[ Calm and smart girls from Singapore ]

Howard and Sahran
[ Sri Lankans.Overcomed many of their fears ]

Laura and Andy
[ Represented Thailand.Amazing Race Asia most hatred! ]

Marsio and Mardy
[ M&M from Indonesia.Brothers with big heart.Very determined.Lost because of food.haha ]

The Amazing Race is hosted by Phil Keoghan.As for The Amazing Race Asia, it's hosted by Singapore's very own Allan Wu (who is from the States though).

The Amazing Race Asia is exciting especially the final leg! Malaysia Boleh!! I wanna join with one of my friend.Don't know whether if there's another one? or if we'll be able to get in?

Do check out the Amazing Space and watch The Amazing Race Asia Memories on Thursday (8th Feb. 07') 9pm Mal/Sin.Shouldn't AXN pay me for this?

Feb 2, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 12:29 AM


Xtra Ad - Cambodia trip.Final call! Confirm by this Sunday(Feb. 4) for air ticket confirmation.RM1200+ (Air ticket, food, accomodation, transportation -- Phnom Penh- Siem Reap), not including passport and extra money.Confirmation after Sunday(Feb. 4) will not be accepted.


Feb 1, 2007
the KinG proclaimed at 11:00 PM

I miss Home!

Saa wad dee krap Chiangmai!!!

P'Oan just called me regarding my Payap Christian Zone T-shirt.Well, my post ain't about the t-shirt but it's about the call.It just made me miss Chiangmai -- Payap Christian Zone more! Kidd Theung Maak Maak Krap!!

Through the phone, I can hear Naveen [ He's a nice guy. Always willing to learn.Wise guy.We'll be going Cambodia together! ], Marvin [ My Aussie mate! Everyday is G'day! haha.I love my mate here.He's hilarious.You can learn alot of things from him. ], and OTHERS!! I mean it seem so happening there that I wanna be there! I wanna go HOME!!! For those who don't know anything about what I'm talking about, do check this link out.

So Marv my mate...Are you gonna pay for all my expenses? I promise I'll go if you take care of that.haha.Providing I have free time.Just joking mate.Just messing around with you.hahaha.Hey guyz, it's not that i don't wanna go back there.First of all, its the time problem.I couldn't find time to fit my trip in.Secondly, its about the cost.Since I'm going Cambodia in March, I shouldn't burden my dad anymore. I promise -- I'll be back one day!!

Mai roo waa ja dai krap pai Chiangmai muer rai..Yak hai roo wa kidd theung maak maak na krap!!! Phom Rak Khun, Took kon!!!

Laew Jer Kan na Krap!=)

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a very typical saggitarius if what they say is true . my imagination is very good to me . professional daydreamer . appreciates life

will try to read


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